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A cannabis cultivator with a high-tech facility worked with Arvum Plant Labs to increase harvest yields. They commissioned a full battery of agricultural tests and found that they had inconsistent water quality, biofilm build-up in the irrigation lines, and hop latent viroid in several cultivars. Once they addressed these issues their yields greatly improved. If you’re a cannabis cultivator you should be using agricultural testing to maximize your cultivation’s performance. 

If you’re a cannabis cultivator looking to increase your yield then this case study will probably be interesting to you. Let’s take a look at how Arvum Plant Labs helped one cannabis cultivator improve their harvest yields by using a full battery of agricultural testing.

An indoor cultivation in southern California had great yields, but poor product quality. Arvum Plant Labs did a thorough plant nutrient analysis on several cultivars at various stages of growth and identified a recurring micronutrient deficiency. The cultivator implemented a target fertilization program using foliar applications to address the micronutrient deficiencies and saw great improvements in product quality over the previous harvest. If you’re a cannabis cultivator and you’re concerned about product quality or yield you should implement a plant nutrient analysis program to ensure you are not experiencing nutrient deficiencies.

A cannabis cultivator growing in a high-tech greenhouse wanted to save money on their nutrients. Arvum came on-site to learn more about the fertilization program and to collect samples for plant nutrient tests. The results of the tests showed that the cultivator was overfeeding the plants and they were able to reduce the quantity of nutrients in their fertilization program and save money without reducing yield or quality.

A supplemental light greenhouse in Southern California started having trouble consistently generating the results that they were used to. Arvum did a bunch of tests and found that most of the plants had dangerously high calcium levels because of poor water quality. A few days after testing the plants began to show physical signs of distress. The issues were caused by aging infrastructure and sediment buildups. The cultivator addressed the problems and began a weekly plant tissue testing program to make sure that their plants were trending in the right direction and that there were no further issues with their irrigation systems. 

In this case study, we shine a spotlight on a cultivator operating a large-scale, high-tech supplemental light greenhouse in Southern California.

This case study exemplifies the importance of comprehensive testing and the synergy between water quality and plant tissue analysis in maintaining optimal growing conditions. At Arvum Plant Labs, we remain committed to employing scientific methods to enhance plant health and cultivation practices.


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