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Leaf tissue analysis determines nutrient content in plant tissues to provide a more precise fertilization program.

$75 Per Test

Water Analysis Icon

A water analysis is important for wells because well water is usually high in salts, and levels often change. Even water from municipal sources can change in composition over time so regular testing is important to determine purity and safety. 

$100 Per Test

Run Off Testing Icon

A run-off analysis helps to  measure any imbalances of EC/pH in the medium.

This can directly affect the root zone environment and their ability to uptake nutrients.

$100 Per Test

Soil Testing Icon

Soil analysis is used to understand the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and to determine optimal irrigation requirements.  We also test Coco Fiber, Peat Moss and Composted Forest Material.

$125 Per Test

Fertilizer Analysis Icon

Fertilizer analysis is used to determine essential concentrations of Primary and Secondary and Micro nutrients in sampled fertilizers.

$100 Per Test

Nutrient Water Analysis Icon

Nutrient Water analysis is used to determine the concentrations of nutrients in a mixed solution of multiple fertilizers diluted with water.

$100 Per Test

Hop Latent Viroid Testing Icon

HLVd is a single-stranded, circular infectious RNA, is a plant pathogen that causes growth deficiencies and  stunting/dudding of the plant.  We can identify Hop Latent infections as well as Lettuce Chlorosis Virus, LCV  at all stages of growth and will help create action plans to reduce infection rates.

$50 Per Test

Heavy Metal Testing Icon

We test for toxic heavy metals Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead that produce toxic effects on plants, such as low biomass accumulation, chlorosis, inhibition of growth and photosynthesis, altered water balance and nutrient assimilation which ultimately cause plant death.

$125 Per Test


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